Diving Into the EB-5 Direct Pool with Kelly Freis of International Growth Capital – Episode 65

Mona Shah EB-5 ImageAs the EB-5 investor pool continues to shrink, more and more direct pooled projects make their way into the market. In this episode, Mona and Mark sit down with Kelly Freis to discuss the benefits of investing in a direct project and International Growth Capital’s preference for small manufacturing businesses. Listen in for insight on the type of investor who is drawn to direct pooled manufacturing projects and learn how a growing number of candidates are using E-2 as a stepping stone to EB-5.

The number of direct pooled EB-5 projects on the market is rising dramatically. For the savvy investor, this is a positive development. What are the benefits of investing in a smaller, entrepreneurial project? Is it better to invest in a small manufacturing business or restaurant franchising opportunity—as opposed to a big real estate project?